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2000 Horizon HT-70 3-knife trimmer

2000 Horizon HT-70 heavy duty 3-knife trimmer.

Technical Specification:

Max. Untrimmed Size: 330 x 330mm (12.9 x 12.9″)
Max. Trimmed size: 300 x 300mm (11.8 x 11.8″)
Min. Trimmed size: 100 x 142mm (4 x 5.6″)
Standard Trimmed Size: A4T, A4Y, A5T, A5Y, A6T, B5T, B5Y, B6T and ireggular sizes
(T: Portrait, Y: Landscape)
Lift: 50.8mm (2″) Max. Pile Height for batch of trimming)
Mechanical Speed: 1,000 cycles/hour (A4T)
Clamping system: Hydraulically Operated
Clamping pressure: Steplessly variable adjustment within the range 150 to 1,000Kg
Trimming Accuracy: Within 0.5mm (0.02″)
Knife Material: Tungsten Carbide
Power: 200V, 50/60Hz, 3-Phase
220/220V, 50/60Hz, 3-Phase
380/400/415V, 50-60Hz, 3-Phase
Power Consumption: 3Kw
Machine weight: 1,530Kg (3,374Lb)
Machine Dimension: 2,260(W) x 1,160(D) x 1,600(H) mm (89 x 45.7 x 63″)

Very good condition and full working order.
Supplied with accessories, spare blades and manuals.